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Welcome to McMillan Junior High

Welcome to McMillan Junior High, proudly serving grades 7-8 in Wylie ISD. We foster a growth mindset for students, providing rigorous, data-driven instruction. We aim to establish a culture of hard-working, high-achieving students who thrive and are empowered to be successful. Through developing academic skills and social and emotional well-being, every student will feel loved, valued, and accepted. At McMillan, we celebrate the achievement of all students and support them in becoming valuable and productive community members.

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McMillan Junior High students and staff are truly remarkable, and we take pride in highlighting their accomplishments and achievements. Read the great news happening in our school and district.

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Learn what students, staff, families, and community members love most about McMillan Junior High and Wylie ISD and the positive impact our district has made on their lives.

  • Student
Landon Hawkinberry
McMillan Staff have supported me through my entire Amputation. Pre Support and After Support. They have found ways to include me in all of their activities. Thank you MCMILLAN!
L:andon Hawkinberry


  • Parent
Marquee Crandall
We moved here over 5 years ago with a new 2nd grader and a preschooler. We moved from Allen ISD due to Wylie being more affordable with comparable schools. I was a nervous mother with a nervous child. But we have had great experiences the last 5 years.
Birmingham Elementary has now had both boys and our youngest just finished 4th grade and is moving on to Davis. Our oldest starts 8th grade at McMillan and the fine arts program, specifically the band program, has been so positive for him. Our oldest has found his niche and is doing so well both academically and socially. Our youngest finished his kindergarten year virtually and finished 4th grade strong and is doing well and is on track both academically and socially.
Marquee Crandall


  • Student
Andii Workman
I LOVE how safe and well the security is in this district. Having a mother and brother who work and attend Akin, I feel that safety and security of students and staff at all schools matter. Students come to school to learn, not to focus or worry about what could happen to them during lessons. I feel that Wylie ISD does quite a good job at doing just that.
Andii Workman


  • Staff Member
Justin Debrow
I've worked in four districts in eleven years. I know by now what good administration looks like. I know what good relationships among my peers looks like. I know what support for me and my students looks like.
I have all of this and more working in Wylie ISD. I have never felt more supported in my role, and I am able to have such great relationships with these kids every year partly because of this support. It is such an honor to work for a district that really knows how to take care of the students and the teachers.
Working for Wylie ISD and working in the math program here has been truly a blessing.
Justin Debrow


  • Student
Trinity Wheatley
I literally love everything about Wylie ISD , I love the way the teachers are patient with the students and give the student chances , I also love how the teachers and district provide love and care for the students (even during STAAR), Last but not least I love all the teachers , faculty and staff and the students.
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